Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution

At Global Technologies, we know how important every file, database and spreadsheet is to your business. Our backup solutions has been designed to safeguard your data while providing faster recovery time in the case of a corrupt file, deleted files, hardware failure or major disaster.

Our Backup solution is a comprehensive end-to-end solution for backup and disaster recovery at a price that is affordable that protects you in the following ways:

Backups Every Hour

With most backup systems recovering data can cost you a whole days work. Our backup experts will provide solutions to takes a backup every Hour, saving hours of re-entry work.

Standby Server

Our backup solution can be converted to act as your production server if your main server fails. Getting you back in business quickly.

Off-site Backup

A duplicate copy of your backup data is sent to two secure data centers. Giving you peace of mind that all your data is in a safe place. Your data is protected in case of fire, flood or other major disasters.


Your data is encrypted using the same technology standards the otherlarge companies uses to protect top secret documents. Your data is safe and encrypted with a 256 AES encryption.


Many companies are required to archive data for months or years. Our system can be tailored to meet your requirements.
24x7 Monitoring

We monitor the entire solution-Servers, NAS and Remote Storage facilities, but we also manage it by performing restorations and virtualization of servers as needed.
Key Benefits

    Ultimate Protection DataSafe protects you on-site and at two off-site locations.
    Faster Recovery Reduce server recovery time from days to minutes.
    Improved Reliability DataSafe removes the need for tape media rotation and the complexities that cause backups to fail.
    Security & Compliance Data is encrypted so it is not accessible to anyone without a passkey.
    Peace of Mind Your data is protected in case of fire, theft or disaster.
Backup Services:
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