GTecH offers comprehensive end-to-end network solutions starting from consultation, planning to successful implementation.

Back-office and network appliances need regular maintenance to perform at their best possible level. To make certain your systems are operating at their peak efficiency, GTecH IT monitors these devices on a daily basis. This allows us to proactively monitor and maintain your entire network, not just servers and computers. From annual strategic technology plans to the development of a customized disaster recovery plan, GTecH IT ensures that you have the right assets in place as your business grows.

Our Network Management Plan features:

1. Maintenance
     • ISP Management
     • Web Host Support
     • 3rd Party Vendor Management

2. Network Management
     • Router Management
     • Antivirus Management
     • Firewall Management
     • VPN Management

3. Network Security
• Data Leakage Prevention
     • Website Hacking Prevention
     • Virus Attacks Prevention
     • Firewall And Antispam Solutions

And apart from these GTecH also provides LAN/WAN cabling, Wireless infrestructure integration, etc..
Network Services:
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