Different, Flexible and Designed just for you

The GTecH Managed Service is a full IT outsourcing service designed for small and mid-tier organisations. It is a blend of professional, process driven IT management and support with a more flexible and personal approach to service delivery.

We have found that the larger IT service providers deliver the professional and process bit; however, the service can be inflexible, cumbersome and bureaucratic. And conversely, smaller providers are flexible and service focused, but their processes can let you down when you need to rely on them.

This is the GTecH difference - our aim is to combine these two qualities to consistently deliver a dependable and flexible IT service for our customers.

What does a Small and Mid-Tier business demand from their IT so that it supports productivity and promotes growth across the business?

Reliability and responsiveness of service
   Knowledge and expertise
   Good communication

The Service

Our service is based on ITIL principles and covers the whole extent of IT service delivery including;

   • Business alignment of IT systems
   • IT budget management
   • Management of technical issues and problems
   • Supply and management of technical staff
   • Management of third party suppliers
   • Development of the IT infrastructure
   • Cost effective procurement

We would love to hear from you to see how we could help your organisation manage and develop its IT, please
contact us for a complimentary consultation or quote.

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