Storage Area Network (SAN)

Global Technologies provides businesses of all sizes an affordable, easy-to-manage alternative to expensive and complex traditional storage systems of various companies such as IBM, DELL, HP, etc..., while giving customers a range of choices in performance, capacity, and cost.
All storage arrays we deal with comes with enterprise storage management features, including remote replication and thin provisioning, as standard features at no additional cost. The virtual storage architecture enables simple set up, automated management, multiple tiers of storage, on-demand scalability, and seamless interoperability with virtual infrastructure solutions from industry leading technology partners.

You can have intelligent networked storage that can be provisioned as needed - simply, seamlessly and without downtime.

The growth of company files, e-mail, databases, and application data drives a constant need for more storage. But with storage directly attached to servers, growth means burdensome storage management and decreased asset utilization.

Make Storage Provisioning and Management Simpler and More Effective
Centralize storage and reduce administrative overhead
     Simplify IT operations and reduce total IT expenditures
     Expand storage capacity, performance, and network bandwidth online without downtime
     Consolidate storage assets across multiple OS environments

Empower Messaging Application Administrators with an Easy-to-Use, Comprehensive, High Performing Solution
      • Significant time savings for administrators
      Higher performance for high I/O messaging applications
      Seamless mail store expansion to accommodate growth
      E-mail backup and recovery
      Online optimization of service level and costs 

Empower Messaging Application Administrators with an Easy-to-Use, Comprehensive, High Performing Solution
      Automatic high performance for transactional data
      Faster daily operations for DBAs
     Non-disruptive database expansion
      Database backup and recovery
      • Customized service levels for individual databases

Virtual SAN Infrastructure for Performance, Scalability, and Simplicity
Virtual storage for virtual servers
      Cost-effective, enterprise-class networked storage
Simplify Enterprise File Sharing without Breaking the Bank
Simple, open systems, standards-based environment for investment protection
      Higher performance for high I/O messaging applications
      No compromise scalability as storage needs grow
      Superior price/performance over traditional NAS appliances
      Tiered storage automatically
      Highly available storage infrastructure for consolidated file system assets
      File System Smart Copy with Auto-Snapshot Manager

Make Backup and Restore Operations Faster, Less Disruptive, and More Reliable
Reduce operational burden
Eliminate backup window, minimize disruption
      Automate backup
      Create virtually unlimited snapshots and consistency sets
      Integrate with operating systems
      All inclusive pricing model

Benefits of Auto-Replication for BC/DR
      Affordable, easy to use and deploy
      Multiple application-consistent restore points
      Recovery in minutes
      Lower ongoing costs
Storage Services:
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