Our Support Team:
At Global Technologies Enterprise, we take a team approach to computer service for small and mid sized businesses in India.

Advantages of a Team

A team approach has many benefits over other approaches to IT support for small and mid sized businesses:

•  GTecH' clients have the support of a trained and accountable team at a fraction of the cost of a full time computer service staff member, and at about the same hourly rate as an independent computer service provider.
•  With our multiple IT Certified Professionals, our Corporate Support Center application and standardized network practices, you won't have to worry about IT services.
•  With account management from the Support Advisor, Support Coordinator, and Director of IT, we ensure that your business goals and computer service needs are a priority and that they will be taken care of to your satisfaction, and won't fall through the cracks.

As you can see from the chart and descriptions below, the GTecH team is designed around and dedicated to our client's needs.

Working With The Smartest Minds In The Technology Community

Support Advisor

  •  Our Support Advisor is the first point of contact with GTecH. Their job is to listen and understand our clients' business goals and providing information that will assist in making educated decisions regarding the appropriate computer support for their business.
  •  Our Support Advisor is responsible for guiding our clients to the services that best meet their needs.
  •  Our Support Advisor is also actively and continually monitoring our clients' satisfaction with the support at their office so that they are receiving the highest level of support possible.

Support Coordinator

  •  Schedules IT Professionals for all levels of computer service
  •  Coordinates all computer service and project events
  •  Follows up on computer service requested and provided
  •  Maintains accurate client and vendor information
  •  Coordinates general and administrative requests
  •  Ensures issues do not fall through the cracks

Team of IT Professionals

  •  The theme of an IT Professional is "Manage, Solve, Care"
  •  Manages issues relating to computer systems, servers, and the network
  •  Designs and implements network solutions meeting clients' business needs
  •  Administrates servers in a Microsoft environment and has thorough knowledge of LANs and WANs
  •  Communicates with executives and top management in regards to technology needs and current status
  •  Provides technical support to end users on computer issues
  •  Documents and updates requests for support as well as the resolution
  •  Provides troubleshooting expertise to server and workstation related issues
  •  Facilitates communications between hardware and software vendors when necessary

Director of IT

  •  Oversees all computer service delivery performed by our IT Professionals
  •  Conducts monthly training of IT Professionals
  •  Review of Support Documentation to ensure quality computer service delivery and follow-up
  •  Provides daily technology assistance and support to IT Professionals in the field

Professional Consultants Utilized by Global Technologies Enterprise

  •  As a provider of outsourced computer service in West Bengal and a believer in the value of outsourcing business functions to experts, we have outsourced our Human Resources functions with an another company that specialize in these areas.

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